Nick Stella On the Issues

In order to strengthen America’s economy, the government must work with businesses and not against them. Small businesses must be cultivated and allowed to thrive by freeing them from overly burdensome regulations and taxes, once again simplifying the process and streamlining government’s role in business operations, boosting the opportunity for entrepreneurship to flourish. Small businesses created nearly 2 million of the roughly 3 million private-sector jobs generated in 2014 according to the Small Business Administration. I also believe that the government should be working with large corporations in order to keep more jobs here in America, while maintaining a global market competitiveness.
Education is one of the most important areas that need to be addressed. A well-educated society, in general, will help to decrease crime and violence. It will make the United States more competitive in the global marketplace. Soaring tuition fees is one of the obstacles that many Americans, wishing to obtain a degree from an institution of higher learning that is the most difficult to overcome. We must address the need to streamline the financial assistance programs we have in place as well as making sure that colleges and universities in this nation are being as fiscally responsible as possible with their budgets so as to not burden the students seeking enrollment with unjust costs. Students should not have to graduate from colleges with loan burdens, nor heavy taxation debt before they even have a chance to find gainful employment in their field of study. Jobs training can help to return manufacturing to the US.
America has always had an integral role in international affairs, as well as a reputation for unbiased and strong leadership. America has a proven track record of strong support to our allies and those relationships should continue to be honored and developed, especially with our Middle Eastern allies, such as Israel, as we continue to monitor and assist other nations with threats of terrorism. A strong national defense is vital to the security of America, domestically as well as to our interests and military personnel globally.
The Affordable Care Act must be repealed and replaced with a health care system that provides quality coverage options with affordable premiums. Comprehensive reform of the Health Care delivery system is needed to provide care more efficiently and in a more economical manner. Medicaid is a third tier system that should be streamlined and or replaced.

America has the best health care and health care providers in the world. When the wealthy of the world become sick, they come to America for care. We must strive to improve the delivery of health care in order to assure no child wants for care, no worker is trapped in an unwanted job, and that the unemployed and elderly are provided affordable quality care.

Comprehensive immigration reform starts with three steps. First, we secure the border to stop the flow of illegal traffic back and forth without challenge such as terrorist, kidnapped women and children, drugs, guns and money. This has always been a National Security issue and must be job one. Second, a comprehensive overhaul of the work visa programs to protect our small businesses and their employees while providing legal status to documented immigrants to pay taxes and not allow dependency upon social programs. Finally, I will call for an audit of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to rectify the gridlock of legal immigration. This will afford these individuals the opportunity to apply for citizenship, but will not advance them before those who have applied the right and fair way.   Immigration reform has been talked about often, but very little action, the divisiveness in congress has to be overcome so that immigration reform can be discussed in a productive manner and true immigration reform can be created.
Border security is not just an illegal immigration concern, but also a national security issue. As a sovereign nation, our borders must be secure in order to prevent infiltration by those who seek to commit acts of terrorism and illegal drug trafficking. Our military should be considered as an option to help protect our country at the borders.

Our criminal justice system must be revised to assure that those guilty of heinous crimes and repeat offenders cannot continue to threaten the population. The prison system must be modified to prevent criminals from returning to the population more dangerous than when they entered. For those that commit the most heinous crimes, capital punishment should be an option.

Second Amendment:

I do not support more restrictive gun law as these laws only serve to restrict access by law abiding citizens. Criminals by definition do not abide by laws and we need to be enforcing our current existing laws.

The tax code must be simplified and applied justly across the population. Although the wealthy will always pay a higher share of taxes, the system must be just and encourage investment in the economy rather than simply siphoning money off to the government. In addition, the death tax should be repealed.